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Planetary Mixer P 600

  • Accurate: Homogeneous mixing of the material without material residues on the vessel wall
  • Flexible: Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Industry-oriented: Mixer design corresponds to common industrial mixers
  • MetaBridge Software: Torque is recorded and evaluated on Brabender drive units
Planetary Mixer P 600 Contact

Connected to a Farinograph, the P600 can be used to mix rye dough or sand masses. Dough hooks, flat dough whippers and balloon whisks serve as mixing tools for this purpose.

As an attachment to a Brabender drive unit (e.g. MetaStation), the P600 is used to analyze the material properties of powders, such as additives, plasticizers, inorganic minerals, PVC pastes, and the pourability of PVC dry blends.

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