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Oil Absorption Measuring Device:
Brabender AbsorptoMeter

  • +5
  • Measure oil absorption with ASTM standard compliance
  • Replace manual methods, enhance precision and reproducibility
  • Stainless steel housing: extended lifetime, effortless cleaning
  • Titration: Ready for different dosing rates, high viscosities
  • Advanced software with reference and correlations curves

The AbsorptoMeter is the market-leading instrument for testing oil absorption of carbon black, silica, and other chemicals, compliant with key ASTM standards. The automated, software-supported system replaces outdated manual methods for testing other powders, reducing errors and enhancing precision and repeatability. The stainless steel housing extends the instrument's lifespan and ensures easy cleaning. Specific mixing bowls for carbon black and silica applications optimize usability and durability. The instrument’s software allows real-time comparisons of previous measurements and reference results, easy data export, and prescheduling of measurements, streamlining your lab routines.

Key features

Achieve standards compliance with ease

Achieve standards compliance with ease

Ensure seamless and internationally accepted quality monitoring in the chemical market with the AbsorptoMeter, the market-leading instrument for testing carbon black and silica. It adheres to international standards for oil absorption testing, including ASTM D2414, ASTM D3493, and ASTM D6854.

Embrace precision and automation

Embrace precision and automation

The Brabender AbsorptoMeter is the solution for you if you’re struggling with inaccuracies due to outdated manual methods. The software-supported automated system minimizes manual work steps, eliminating user influence on test results to enhance precision, repeatability, and overall workflow efficiency.

Durable design

Durable design

The Absorptometer’s stainless steel housing ensures maximum durability and longevity, while its robust design can handle even the toughest testing conditions. With the AbsorptoMeter, you can be confident you’re getting a reliable and long-lasting testing instrument that will meet all your needs.

Discover versatile titration options

Discover versatile titration options

Our instrument offers various options for titrating oil to the powder in the mixer, accommodating different dosing rates and higher viscosities of up to 1,000,000 mPas. Plus, our system is adept at handling strong solvents like NMP, providing precise and reliable results in diverse scenarios. Confidently tailor your experiments to your exact needs.

Advanced software for premium results

Advanced software for premium results

Our AbsorptoMeter's advanced software improves your workflow and streamlines lab routines. It enables real-time comparisons of previous measurements, letting you make informed decisions promptly. The data export feature simplifies sharing and accessing data.

Technical specifications


0.6 kW


Default: 125 min-1 (ASTM)
Variable programmable (5 – 200 min-1) also during the running test

Torque measurement

Load cell 0 Nm to15 Nm

Titration rate

Preset: 4.0 ml/min (ASTM)
Variably adjustable also during the running test


USB, Dosing unit (Buret), HDMI

Mains connection

230 V (184…264 V) +N+PE / 50/60 Hz (45…66 Hz) / 4.3 A; 1 kW
115 V (88…126 V) + PE / 50/60 Hz (45…66 Hz) / 8.7 A;1 kW

Dimensions (H x W x D)

630 x 430 x 740 mm without buret


Approx. 66 kg


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D2414 A+B
D6854 (Silica)

Anton Paar Certified Service

The Anton Paar quality in service and support:
  • More than 350 manufacturer-certified technical experts worldwide
  • Qualified support in your local language
  • Protection for your investment throughout its lifecycle
  • 3-year warranty
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