Laboratory Software

Laboratory Software

Manage your laboratory instrument measurement results with ease

Anton Paar’s laboratory software solutions enable seamless data transfer for a paperless lab. They are the perfect software solutions for lab execution, instrument operation and guarantee a straightforward dataflow. They are the key to a flexible, customizable solution for integrating most of your instruments in your laboratory processes.

Find out how to have all your results at a glance and save a lot of money at the same time.

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Increase your productivity

Paperless laboratories are the future. Manual data transcription and report creation keep the laboratory analyst from focusing on actual key tasks – so easy data handling is in rising demand in laboratories.

Anton Paar’s software solutions give you control of your measurement data across the workplace, not just at the instrument. Your employees can measure with their instruments without interruption while you obtain the right information from the right instrument with just a few clicks.

Get the best possible data quality

Anton Paar’s laboratory software solutions vastly improve your data quality. They ensure secure electronic transfer of measurement data and user errors within your workflows are eliminated. Errors in manually transcribed data are a thing of the past.

You can easily fulfill the requirements to satisfy internal quality management and regulatory mandates at all times.

Automate your data handling, for full data integrity

Automatic digital transfer of measurement data is ensured, saving time and money thanks to:

  • Simple data handling
  • Centralized storage place (no searching for missing data in paper documents)
  • Error-free transfer to your leading data management systems (LIMS, ERP, SAP, etc.)

Invest smart in open interfaces

Your laboratory is a dynamic environment which changes constantly and has to adapt to external requirements on a regular basis. Anton Paar’s laboratory software adapts in line with your ever-evolving requirements. Save time and money with the adaptable systems thanks to open, standardized interfaces.

State-of-the-art usability

The software solutions are a powerful data link, adding value to every laboratory. The self-explanatory user interfaces make it easy for any user to navigate through the systems. Additionally, users need only one system to interact with their laboratory environment.

All this results in a short learning curve for users and a minimum of training time. 



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