Multipurpose X-ray Diffraction with XRDynamic 500: One Instrument, Many Applications


In many research environments, it is crucial that complex instruments like powder diffractometers are flexible enough to handle various demands. As powder diffraction instruments typically have a long lifetime, a multipurpose powder X-ray diffractometer, like XRDynamic 500, is the ideal solution if you're working in multi-user research environments where you may not know what type of samples or applications you will be dealing with several years from now. Choosing the correct instrumentation means you can future-proof your lab.
XRDynamic 500 allows measurement of all sample types including powders, solids, thin films, and even liquids. It also permits, in addition to traditional XRD (in reflection or transmission), non-ambient XRD, small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS), pair-distribution function (PDF) analysis, and much more, with easy switching between measurements setups.

Webinar overview:

  • State-of-the-art sample platforms and stages available for every sample type and application
  • Wide-ranging non-ambient XRD attachments for XRDynamic 500
  • Optimized solutions for measurements such as SAXS and PDF analysis

Target group:

  • Anyone using XRD in a multi-user environment
  • Anyone interested in learning about flexible, multipurpose XRD instrumentation
  • Anyone interested in learning about optimized solutions for powder XRD, non-ambient XRD, SAXS and more
Sprache: English
Vortragende: Dr. Benedikt Schrode
Benedikt Schrode

Benedikt Schrode studied technical physics at Graz University of Technology. In his PhD, he focused on the preparation and characterization of epitaxially grown organic thin films by (grazing incidence) X-ray diffraction using lab instruments and synchrotron sources. In July 2020, he joined Anton Paar as an application specialist for X-ray diffraction.


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