Better CBD: Characterizing flow behavior and stability of CBD foods and pharmaceuticals


Anton Paar and Agilent invite you to a virtual summit focused on improving your CBD-infused food and pharmaceutical products. Anton Paar will present the use of viscosity and rheology to better understand flow behavior of your extracts and emulsions, as well as how viscosity can be used for R&D and quality control of liquid CBD products. Anton Paar will also discuss how you can improve shelf life and overall stability of your CBD products.

Agilent will detail how spectroscopy can be used to improve your CBD product quality while also streamlining your production and quality control processes.

Topics covered:

·         Using viscosity to optimize liquid CBD products during quality control and R&D

·         Flow behavior of extracts and emulsions

·         Improving product quality and efficiency through spectroscopy

·         Stabilizing emulsions for enhanced bioavailability

·         Maximizing oxidation stability and shelf life of CBD oils

Sprache: English
Vortragende: See Above

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