Multiparameter Measuring Systems

Multiparameter Measuring Systems

Up to seven parameters in one go

The multiparameter measuring systems of the Modulyzer series determine several parameters in a very short time. The basic configuration, the Modulyzer Prime Class, consists of a DMA™ Generation M density meter and an Abbemat refractometer. The Prime Class Modulyzers are ideal entry-level models for laboratories, optionally upgraded with further modules at any time and customized for individual applications. The Unlimited Class Modulyzers are suitable for more advanced applications, with non-Anton-Paar devices included in one measuring system.

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Your customized solution

Customize your individual measuring system by using Anton Paar devices in a modular way. Easy and scalable module combinations provide reliable results after one filling only. Extend your Modulyzer Prime Class setup with additional non-Anton-Paar devices and get an all-in-one solution for your laboratory environment. 

Measurement quality

The multiparameter measuring system ensures that there is no sample cross-contamination due to automatic rinsing and drying procedures. You only require a minimal sample amount, due to the adjusted measuring cell design and sensor-controlled filling. One filling only yields multiple measurement results, which are highly reproducible due to the use of autosamplers and controlled filling modes. 

Productivity in your lab

Save labor time through simultaneous multiparameter measurement: Powerful automation ensures maximum sample throughput. You can also implement an automatic bar code reading for seamless workflows. All data can be stored together; a LIMS export is possible. The autosampler magazine can be adapted to all common sample vial types.

Reliability through automation

Reduce operator influence by automatic filling, rinsing and drying. Use the full scope of well-established methods and measurement techniques within one system. Increase your data safety using automatic LIMS connection.

A versatile system

Anton Paar’s unsurpassed multiparameter measuring systems can be used in many sectors and can be customized for your targets and needs. Your Modulyzer can be integrated into your laboratory in a matter of seconds.


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