Testing Solutions for Medical CBD Products

Testing Solutions for Medical CBD Products


CBD products and samples for medical use can impact consumer health – so there’s zero room for production error.

Precise measurements must comply with strict government regulations, and you need a partner who understands the industry’s specific safety and compliance standards.

Anton Paar has decades of experience partnering with the world’s leading pharmaceutical, food, and beverage producers. Our comprehensive portfolio of measuring instruments ensures safety and consistency.

We have a wide range of solutions covering your production and testing process.

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CBD Extraction & Production Process

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Dryed and grinded plant materials
Raw, full spectrum extract
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CBD Isolate for use in customer products
Analytical methods from Anton Paar
Trace Metal Analysis – Microbial Toxines & Contaminants
Incoming goods / in-process control of steps – Oxidation stability / shelf life

Medical CBD Analysis Equipment

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Microwave digestion for sample preparation

Microwave digestion for fast sample preparation of various CBD-based medical products prior to elemental analysis with AAS, ICP-OES, or ICP-MS.

Stable emulsions

Light-scattering technologies to characterize droplet size and zeta potential relating to the stability of CBD emulsions for medical use

Mouthfeel and other formulation characteristics

Rheological parameters to develop CBD-based products for medical use. These parameters also help determine formulation, shelf stability, demixing, temperature dependence, and skin-feel of liquid and semi-solid samples.

Shelf life and oxidation stability investigation

Fully automatic measurements up to 10x faster than other accelerated aging methods relating to the oxidation stability of medical-use oils and other complex products (e.g., pharmaceutical products, and solid samples). No sample preparation required.

Compliant, traceable production and quality control

Fast, simple, and compliant testing solutions throughout the production and quality control processes.

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Testing Heavy Metal

Whether it’s from soil, water, or various fertilizers, plant material where CBD for medical use originates contains a high amount of metal from the surrounding environment. That’s why it must be tested for traces of heavy metals to ensure both consumer safety and final product quality.

Our modern microwave reactors are ideal tools for the fast, simple, and economical digestion of various medical-use CBD products, letting you further analyze them with AAS, ICP-OES, or ICP-MS.

With Multiwave 7000, you can digest various samples in the same run and with the same method. Multiwave 7000 also offers high throughput, and each run can use up to 24 vials made of PTFE, quartz, or disposable glass.

For labs with medium throughput of a wide range of samples, Multiwave GO Plus is a cost-effective solution. The tool-free vessels offer easy handling, while the instrument’s small footprint and efficient heating and cooling processes help you save space and time.

Developing Stable CBD Emulsions for Medical Use

Droplet size and stability are two main parameters crucial for both development and quality control of water-based CBD emulsions, to overcome low water solubility. The light-scattering technologies of the Litesizer series instruments measure droplet size and zeta potential of such CBD emulsions, to help determine overall stability.

Litesizer 500 determines droplet particle size by means of dynamic light scattering (DLS) and zeta potential via electrophoretic light scattering (ELS) to assess the formulation’s stability. The transmittance measurement included also provides continuous feedback if the sample must be diluted prior to measurement.

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Providing Rheological Insights

In the medical-use CBD lab or manufacturing plant, our market-leading rheometer portfolio helps you better understand specific parameters.

Analyze, e.g., demixing and shelf stability. Explore the skin feel of liquid and semi-solid samples (e.g., oils and lotions). Temperature, too, must not be overlooked.

The MCR 92 rheometer can perform rotational and oscillatory rheological tests for almost all kinds of samples, while the MCR 302e is a highly sensitive rheometer used to investigate the viscoelastic properties of raw materials, formulations, and final products.

Investigating Shelf Life and Oxidation Stability

Medical-application CBD products, ingredients, and supplements can undergo autoxidation, which leads to deteriorative changes that can affect their nutritional, pharmaceutical, sensory, and chemical properties. Because of this risk, one of the most important things to consider during product development or reformulation is how best to hinder oxidative degradation during shelf life.

RapidOxy 100 – which, in the medical application production process, automatically measures the oxidation stability of oils, complex products (e.g., cosmetics), and pharmaceutical products without prior sample preparation – can help. Results are quick: minutes to a few hours, depending on the sample type.

Compliant and Traceable Product Control

CBD products for medical applications require fully traceable measurements to ensure high product quality at various points in the production cycle. From incoming goods, raw material and in-production processes, to the final quality control check, all products must meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.

DMA series

DMA series benchtop density meters simplify the specific gravity measurements of carrier oils, auxiliary liquids for production like solvents and of course medical-use CBD extract, and final product. An added application helps determine the exact filling volume of the product vessel.

Abbemat refractometers & MCP polarimeters

The Abbemat refractometer series provides concentration measurements and quality control for vegetable (carrier) oils and is fully compliant with AOAC 921.08. It’s the perfect instrument for quick, easy quality control for incoming CBD oil or carrier oils for medical use.

Modulyzer systems

The Modulyzer multiparameter analysis system lets you create customized systems for your application by automatically combining different measurement instruments, for the analysis of various samples, into a single run. This speeds up multiple-parameter measurements, and automates the measurement process. You can also select from pre-configured (but modular) options for your specific industry and application.

SVM viscometers

It’s important to keep viscosity testing in mind during your production and quality control processes – especially when, as part of the medical-use production process, you blend raw CBD oil with a carrier substance or other ingredients. The CBD content, the type of cannabinoid, and the terpenes in the oil all influence the viscosity of cannabis oil. Since viscosity can also change during an oil’s shelf life, measuring this parameter can help you monitor the product’s deterioration or separation.

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