Backstage: Product Competence

“Our knowledge and application know-how bring added value to our customers’ daily work.”

Markus, Product Specialist Rheology | Anton Paar Germany GmbH

For our customers to ultimately get the perfect measuring solution requires excellent and excellently trained sales employees and also product specialists that know everything about the products’ details and applications. At Anton Paar these product specialists work in “Product Competence teams” that are each part of a product department.

In the Rheometry product department we offer more than 30 special accessories for our instruments, many of which are very complex and for this reason taken care of by product specialists. My job includes training our sales colleagues so that they can offer the best possible support to our customers and impress them with even more than their sales know-how. The Product Competence team also creates application reports, manuals, short instructions, and product presentations which contain information about measuring technology, applications, and special requirements, and supports our customers in their daily measurement work.

We provide instrument trainings at customer sites, hold seminars about specific or general topics, and lectures at scientific conferences. We also visit people interested in our technology together with our sales colleagues to give advice prior to the purchase or answer detailed questions. All this happens on an international level.

When we are not traveling we help our sales colleagues and customers worldwide via email, telephone, or face-to-face with their questions and problems concerning measuring instruments, accessories, or software. A major part of our work takes place in the test and application laboratory where we measure customer samples, perform demonstrations of special measuring chambers, and test prototypes.

All this is only possible with a team of experienced colleagues that like to share and pass on their knowledge, help with tricky questions, and provide advice and assistance.