• 100 Years of Anton Paar
    A century: Great people | Great instruments

    A story marked by progress and innovation, precise craftsmanship, and a passion for research.

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  • Experts in battery materials

    Anton Paar’s analytical instruments characterize the physical properties of electrode materials, slurries, separators, and electrolytes – to deliver top-performing lithium-ion batteries.

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  • Be Efficient. Be Confident. Be in Control: Solutions for Tank Terminals

    With our broad portfolio of affordable, compliant, and easy-to-use instruments, safeguard your processes, implement your own 24/7 lab base, and perform essential tests in just a few minutes. Portable, inline, or for the lab – we’ve got you covered.

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  • Mechanical characterization of hard coatings

    Leveraging decades of experience in the field, we’ve developed the world’s broadest industrial portfolio of instruments for the mechanical surface characterization of hard coatings.

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  • Alcohol Analyzing System: Alcolyzer

    With four measuring modules and more than 30+ industry-specific parameters, we provide certainty to your entire production process – from the raw material to your finest finished product. Monitor your production process for all types of beer, wine, spirits, cider, hard seltzer, and kombucha with just a single measurement solution. Automatic calibration ensures compliance.

    Convenience, precision, and compliance, all put into one instrument – the Alcolyzer.

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  • Our Gift to You: Anton Paar’s Brand-New Density Water Standard

    Just in time for our 100th birthday, our state-of-the-art hydrostatic weighing apparatus and ISO 17034 accreditation are complete: We now produce certified reference material for density. To celebrate, we’ll give you a brand-new density water standard with any purchase of our lab density meters* before September 30, 2022!

    *DMA 1001, DMA 4101, DMA 4501, DMA 5001

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  • Flex-Blend 3000: Unleash Your Craft Brewing Creativity

    Without compromising on quality or specifications, this all-in-one blending, carbonating, and dosing solution delivers the fastest, most precise alcohol, OE, and CO2 monitoring on the market at a top price-performance ratio.

    Flex-Blend 3000: Unleash your creativity.

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  • Measure Supremely, with Anton Paar’s New Certified Reference Material for Density

    We’re now producing: Certified density standards with the lowest possible uncertainty, referenced to the primary method of hydrostatic weighing, and ISO 17034-certified. They ensure supreme density measurements – no matter the instrument manufacturer.

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  • TRADE IN - AND STEP UP Super-versatile, future-proof powder rheology

    Powders are versatile and so is our powder rheology setup. Trade in your existing setup so you can start characterizing powder under processing conditions. With temperature and humidity control for low to high loads in a safe and dust-free environment, and the very latest software features.

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  • Rheological measurements from -50 °C to +220 °C

    Ready for the widest temperature range that you can achieve with a Peltier heating system? Combine the new P-PTD/H-PTD 220 with your MCR rheometer and enjoy the flexibility of 270 °C.

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  • Welcome to new viscometry

    With Anton Paar’s new SVM 1001 kinematic viscometers, you can run samples in 5 minutes or less with full ASTM compliance – a gain of 150 % throughput over manual D445 glass capillary viscometers. Save almost everywhere else too: benchtop space, energy, solvent, sample, and even your budget.

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  • Nova Series: Experience Velocity

    Nova sets a new benchmark in surface area and pore size analysis. Speed and precision. Have them both.

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  • Laboratorijska instrumentacija

    Anton Paar ima dugogodišnje iskustvo u proizvodnji laboratorijskih instrumenata najviše kvalitete: mjerača gustoće, refraktometara, polarimetara, viskozimetara, reometara i instrumenata za karakterizaciju materijala.

    Laboratorijska instrumentacija

  • Procesna instrumentacija

    Anton Paar nudi prava rješenje za linijski nadzor proizvodnje: asortiman obuhvaća senzore gustoće i koncentracije, linijske refraktometre, procesne viskozimetre i senzore za mjerenje otopljenog CO₂.

    Procesna instrumentacija

  • Automatizacija i robotika

    Anton Paar dizajnira prilagođena rješenja za automatizaciju, od početne ideje do konačne proizvodnje: izmjenjivače uzoraka za pojedinačne uređaje, reometre s robotskim upravljanjem ili platforme za automatizaciju više instrumenata.

    Automatizacija i robotika

  • Vijesti

    ConsumerTec presents SmartRef

    Anton Paar ConsumerTec’s second product is here: a digital refractometer with various fields of application.

    First international skills.lab Summit

    Soccer experts got together in Graz and Wundschuh.

    Anton Paar buys observation platform in Graz

    The observation point Fuerstenstand in Graz is being renovated and reopened to visitors.

    100 years of Anton Paar – the big anniversary celebration

    Around 2,700 guests from all over the world came together to celebrate a century of Anton Paar together.

    Experts in battery materials

    Anton Paar’s analytical instruments characterize the physical properties of electrode materials, slurries, separators, and electrolytes – to deliver top-performing lithium-ion batteries.
  • Obećanje kvalitete

Anton Paar Croatia d.o.o. - općenite informacije o tvrtki

  • Anton Paar razvija, proizvodi i distribuira laboratorijske instrumente i sustave za procesna mjerenja velike preciznosti te pruža prilagođena rješenja na području automatizacije i robotike. Svjetski je predvodnik u mjerenju gustoće, koncentracije i CO2, kao i na polju reometrije. Vlasnik tvrtke Anton Paar GmbH dobrotvorna je zaklada Santner.

    Više od 3700 zaposlenika u sjedištu tvrtke u Grazu i u 33 prodajnih podružnica širom svijeta jamstvo su da će proizvodi Anton Paar zadovoljiti visoka očekivanja proizašla iz njihove odlične reputacije. Osnovna kompetencija tvrtke Anton Paar – proizvodnja instrumenata velike preciznosti – i održavanje bliskih veza sa znanstvenom zajednicom čine temelj za kvalitetu proizvoda Anton Paar.

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