• Optional pH Sensor for Abbemat Performance Plus
  • Optional pH Sensor for Abbemat Performance Plus
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Accessory for Abbemat:
pH sensor

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For simultaneous measurement of pH and refractive index in one step you can add a pH sensor to the Abbemat Performance Plus Line refractometers. The pH sensor will be filled automatically in the same cycle as the Abbemat.

Key features

Combining a pH ME measuring module with your Abbemat Performance Plus Line refractometer enables the simultaneous measurement of the refractive index and pH value. The pH sensor is filled in the same cycle as the Abbemat either by using a syringe, the optionally built in peristaltic pump or the XS 122 sample changer.

For convenience, the results are shown on the Abbemat display and summarized in one report.

Technical specifications

pH sensor
Measuring rangepH 0 to pH 14
Repeatability0.02 (in the range from 3 to 7)
 Not pressure-proof

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