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Accessory for Scratch Testers:
Friction Module

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  • Material’s frictional behavior assessment
  • Complementary tool in the assessment of adhesion failures
  • Combines scratch and tribology testing

Employing a friction module is essential for studying and characterizing the frictional properties of materials. It allows the recording of tangential force, automatically calculating friction coefficients. This tool is valuable for determining adhesion failure and scratch resistance, contributing to a more thorough understanding of a material's fundamental tribological behavior.

Key features

Back up the detection of scratch failures with complementary data

Back up the detection of scratch failures with complementary data

When performing scratch tests, the critical load (commonly indicative of coating adhesion) is traditionally determined through optical observation. Introducing the friction coefficient as a complementary measure enhances the precision, providing a more accurate assessment of adhesion failures.

Choose the right friction module for your scratch tester

Choose the right friction module for your scratch tester

Each of the friction modules has been tailored to match the load ranges of one of our dedicated scratch testers, ensuring precise and versatile friction measurements across the entire scratch spectrum.

Perform fundamental tribological measurements

Perform fundamental tribological measurements

Although not a traditional tribometer, the friction module coupled with the multipass functionality in the scratch software enables the fundamental assessment of a material’s tribological behavior. With just one setup, you can gain a more comprehensive perspective on the mechanical surface characteristics of your samples.

Technical specifications

Specification Friction module for NST³ Friction module for MCT³ Friction module for RST 300
Max force 1 N 30 N 200 N
Force resolution 1 µN 10 µN 0.2 mN

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