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The Europe Technical Center is located at Anton Paar’s headquarters in Graz, Austria, and has a spacious laboratory equipped with the latest Anton Paar instruments in addition to full-service lecture halls and seminar rooms for individual trainings. Experience, learn, and measure with our experts in the fields of rheometry, particle and surface characterization, viscometry, lab density and concentration, microwave synthesis, and more.

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Experience | Learn | Measure

In the Europe Technical Center in Graz you are welcome to:

Experience the latest technology offered by the state-of-the art instruments from Anton Paar.
Learn and get hands-on training from our trained specialists. Ask us for custom-tailored programs for your industry.
Measure your samples on our highly precise instruments and experience the difference.

Industry-specific Solutions

Anton Paar application experts will conduct demonstrations and seminars customized to your business needs. From pharmaceutical to petrochemical to academia – the Anton Paar Europe Technical Center can host the training that fits your industry’s specific application needs. With our wide range of available demo instruments we can offer solutions to increase productivity and solve diverse measuring challenges. The center gives you a platform to experience the latest technology available for your industry first-hand.

Academic Support

Our measurement solutions are successfully employed in academia and research worldwide. We provide extensive support to academics for research projects, training, and sample testing in our centre.

Explore the specially designed educational packages from Anton Paar that are revolutionizing the way education is passed on to the next generation.


How can I schedule a visit?
Contact our subsidiaries or a distribution partner in your area and they will help you schedule your visit.  

Can I bring samples to the lab for testing? 
Yes, in most cases you can bring or send your samples to the lab for testing. For the safety and security of all participants, please send a list of samples you would like to bring so that our specialist can go over it. A safety declaration sheet might be required to be sent in advance. Our application specialists will assist you in this matter. To get detailed information or arrange a meeting, please contact sales[at]  

Do I need to pay for the training? 
Generally, training at the Anton Paar Europe Technical Center is free of charge. There are exceptions in which case a fee is required; for detailed information, please contact sales[at]

Upcoming events & registration

The Anton Paar Europe Technical Center is where precise measurement is taught, demonstrated, and developed. Visit us and make use of the opportunity to speak to our in-house specialists for various industries. 


There are currently no upcoming events.


The training you are looking for is not included?
Please leave your suggestion and we will consider it.

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APACTC suggestion form


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