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What we like the most about exhibitions is the close contact to our customers: exciting talks about new applications, challenging samples, and new technologies allow us to understand current and future challenges of our clients, so that we can solve them together. We are happy to show you our product portfolio and to offer solutions for your individual challenges.

Surface characterization

Gain insight into your surfaces! With Anton Paar’s instruments you can investigate the surfaces of the whole range of substances, from extremely soft to ultra-hard, including surfaces with widely different properties.

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Flow behavior

Investigate liquids, powders, and even solids to understand how they flow and deform. Use these insights to optimize processes, improve product properties, and develop better products.

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Our devices talk directly to your LIMS systems and free your staff from tedious and repetitive tasks. Choose your multi-device setup for multiparameter analysis in one measuring cycle or add automated filling and cleaning to increase the efficiency of single devices.

Sample preparation

Top-notch microwave digestion devices to supply your instruments for trace elemental analysis with outstanding samples. Quick and safe procedures protect your staff and prevent sample preparation becoming the bottleneck in your lab.

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Chemicals @ work

Do you need to measure the density, concentration, refractive index, viscosity, or temperature of substances? Are you interested in assessing the flash point or oxidation stability? Do you need to identify unknown substances quickly and without contact?

Anton Paar provides a wide spectrum of measuring devices tailored to meet your requirements in the laboratory, at the warehouse, and out in the field.

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Automation and robotics

Increase your productivity and reduce costs with unique and custom-tailored solutions for automated measurements and more. Our portfolio includes rheometers operated by a robotic arm and completely automated systems for dosing, blending, subsampling, and measurement of samples.

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Service and support

Our commitment to quality includes full warranty for all our instruments – for three years. Anton Paar provides service, support, and calibration carried out by experts trained and certified directly at Anton Paar. Benefit from qualified support in your local language at one of 86 service points worldwide.

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