Nanoparticles for Ceramics: Size, Stability & pH

In nanoparticle suspensions that will be used in ceramics, particle size and stability are of vital importance. Suspension stability is essential to ensure that the particles to stay in suspension, and maintain constant particle size.

How are the size and stability affected by pH?

The performance of ceramic products depends directly on the size of the particles used to produce them, as well as on the uniformity of size. The more uniform the particle size, the better the particles will pack together, yielding a stronger and denser final product.

The product quality also depends on the suspension stability: If the suspension becomes unstable, then the particles may aggregate or settle, making processing difficult, and compromising the final product.

Thus, particle size and stability are crucial factors for quality control of nanoparticles for ceramic applications. Light-scattering techniques are very attractive for measuring both of these factors, especially if they can be measured over a range of conditions, such as pH or concentration, which would be informative for sample storage and processing environments.

Anton Paar offers fast and accurate particle size and stability measurements with the Litesizer™ 500

The Litesizer™ 500 uses dynamic light scattering (DLS) and electrophoretic light scattering (ELS) to measure particle size and stability. Sophisticated algorithms enable excellent particle size resolution, while patented ELS technology produces highly accurate ELS results with shorter measurements and lower applied electric fields.

Ingeniously simple software lets you set up measurement series quickly and easily. This is very helpful for seeing how the particle size or stability changes with pH, or the concentration of an additive such as a stabilizer.
Measurement series can be based on

  • time                                                                       
  • temperature                                            
  • pH
  • concentration

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The Litesizer™ 500’s software displays everything on one page, so you can see your input, measurements and analysis at the same time.