Minus 55 tons of carbon dioxide

2014-06-05 | Corporate

The photovoltaic power plant on the parking garage at Anton Paar in Graz has a panel surface of 906 m². Since it began operation in November 2013 it has already produced approx. 80,000 kWh.

This represents a saving of over 55 tons of CO2 which would otherwise have been produced by power plants for electricity generation. Assuming that 1 hectare of forest (400 trees) is able to take in 10 tons of CO2 per year, around 10 hectares of forest is needed to absorb this volume of CO2.

These statistics support the decision to use the roof space of the parking garage to produce environmentally friendly electricity.

The electricity from Anton Paar flows into the public electricity network and is used to supply around 40 households.

A high-tech company therefore makes an additional contribution for the energy supply in the neighboring area.