Dynamic Mechanical Analysis with a Rheometer

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis with a Rheometer


Rheology deals with the deformation and flow behavior of materials. In addition to the run-of-the-mill rheological measurements, the Modular Compact Rheometer (MCR) from Anton Paar is also capable to undertake extended rheological measurements such as Tribology, Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA), Powder, etc. The current seminar deals with the basics of Rheology along with a dedicated focus on the (DMA) on a Rheometer. DMA can be powerful techniques to characterize polymers and to determine their properties during processing and final use. Detailed information about these properties is crucial for materials development as well as for design of production processes.

The outline of the seminar is as given below:
- Basics of Rheology and DMTA
- Instrumentation and Test Methodologies
     - Oscillatory Measurements – Amplitude Sweep, Frequency Sweep, etc.
     - Measurements in Torsion and Extension
     - Glass Transition Temperature, Blend-Compatibility, etc.
- Real-life examples
- Demonstration of instrument

Language: English
Trainer: Dr. Kartik Pondicherry, Mr. Mayank Varshney
Kartik Pondicherry

Dr. Kartik Pondicherry has a Doctorate in Tribology from the University of Leoben in Leoben, Austria. With over a decade of experience in the field of tribology, Dr. Pondicherry managed the global tribology portfolio at Anton Paar in Graz, Austria until the end of 2019. He later moved to India and started as a Technical Manager for Rheology at Anton Paar India. Over the past years, Dr. Pondicherry has conducted numerous seminars and trainings for people from both academia and industry across the globe. 

Mayank Varshney

Mr. Mayank Varshney is presently working as an Application Specialist at Anton Paar India, where he provides technical support for Rheology. He completed his Masters in Material Science from IIT Patna and since then he has devoted his career to Polymer Rheology Characterization for solving processing issues like melt fracture, sharkskin and die swell. He has experience in delivering trainings and sessions on several aspects of Rheology such as Powder Rheology, DMTA, Smart Fluids, etc.