Time to evolve 20 - How to save time and money in process and QC using rotational viscometers


Learn about the importance of quality control processes in the industry, how to optimize your processes in order to save time and money for your company and how to choose the right rotational viscometers in order to achieve that.

What will you learn?

  • The importance of viscosity for quality control in the industrial processes
  • How to optimize processes in order to be more efficient in your business
  • How rotational viscometers can help you optimize your quality control processes

Target group:

  • Anyone concerned in measuring relevant viscosity parameters for QC purposes
  • Everyone who is at the stage of choosing a viscometer for their viscosity measurements
  • Laboratory managers and technicians, supervisors and production managers
  • Quality control and R&D laboratories, companies interested in viscosity measurements which are in the budgeting phase or considering buying new equipment or replacing the one they have



Date: 2020-07-09, 09:00 - 09:45 (CET UTC+02)
Language: English
Trainer: MSc Tamara Kurzmann

I am Tamara and I work as application specialist for viscometers at Anton Paar. My job is to test water-like up to paste-like samples with rotational viscometers to figure out the best solution for your daily problems. Each sample - even sticky ones - finds its viscometer. Solving your problems in quality control is my challenge.

End of registration: 2020-07-08

Contact person and registration:
MSc Tamara Kurzmann
Tel.: +43 316 257 3915