The role of surface charge in fiber finishing and textile care

The role of surface charge in fiber finishing and textile care


Electrostatic interactions determine the success of dyeing textile fibers and fabrics. Knowledge of the zeta potential as a representative of surface charge is therefore decisive to tune dyeing and other textile finishing processes. Washing efficiency and the fate of textile softeners may be assessed as well. Beyond that the zeta potential is a powerful parameter for the characterization of fabric blends or fibers used in composite materials.

This webinar discusses classic textile processes and novel applications of fibers and fabrics with the aim to link the surface zeta potential to material performance.

Language: English
Trainer: Dr. Thomas Luxbacher
Thomas Luxbacher

Thomas Luxbacher received his PhD degree in Technical Chemistry at Graz University of Technology and looks back at almost 20 years of experience as a product manager in different areas. He is currently the principal scientist for surface charge and zeta potential at Anton Paar GmbH.


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