Surface characterization of medical devices

This webinar will demonstrate the use of nanomechanical testing, surface charge analysis, and tribology for the characterization of medical devices such as stents, catheters, surgical instruments, etc. The presentation will show how scratch tests on hard coatings can help to optimize the mechanical surface properties of surgical instruments. We will also focus on zeta potential results for different biocompatible coatings on catheters and medical drip tubes, and will highlight the effects of cleaning on glass and polymer syringes. Tribological characterization will complement the surface characterization on catheters. All applications that we present contribute to a deeper understanding of the surface properties of medical devices with the goal to optimize their performance and product safety in their respective applications. 

The main topics will be: 

  • Nano scratch tests on stents and catheters
  • Surface charge analysis on catheters, medical drip tubes, and syringes
  • Tribological characterization of catheters, lubricants, and implants
Recording available
Dr. Christine Körner (English)
Christine Körner

Christine Körner is the international product manager for solid surface charge instrumentation at the Anton Paar headquarters in Austria. She earned a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Graz University of Technology, Austria, as well as a degree in Business Administration before joining Anton Paar in 2011 as a product specialist for material characterization.


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