Surface characterisation of teeth and bone

Surface characterisation of teeth and bone


This webinar investigates the mechanical surface properties of teeth and both using case study examples. Its well understood that enamel on human teeth is affected chemically or biologically during teeth brushing (toothpaste) or by different chemicals present in food. These effects change the mechanical properties of enamel. In addition, the interface between bone and implant (important for fast and good osseointegration) is subject to frictional forces. Knowledge about frictional properties at the bone implant interface is currently limited.






Language: English
Trainer: Dr. Nishil Malde
Nishil Malde

Nishil Malde is a Product Manager for the materials characterisation product lines at Anton Paar (UK) Ltd. He is responsible for technical sales, application support, business development and inside sales across the UK and Ireland. He has been with Anton Paar since 2013 and has over 18 years of experience in the instrumentation industry. Nishil received a PhD in Physics from Imperial College, London and is an expert in the field of instrumentation and surface materials characterisation.