Small Particles, Big Influence – How Refractive Index Measurements Avoid Wrong Particle Size Results in Food and Pharma


Particle size distributions are commonly determined by laser diffraction. The calculation is based on the refractive index as an input parameter. An input error leads to faulty results.

We present solutions for precise refractive index determination of your substance, so that you can trust your particle size distributions. Join our live demo!

Date: 2020-07-07, 09:00 - 09:30 (CET UTC+02)
Language: English
Trainer: Tobias Husemann

Tobias Husemann is the team leader of product management for refractometers and polarimeters at Anton Paar. After studying Chemistry, he solved industry problems as a product and application developer; as a product manager he helped customers worldwide. He is an expert on concentration measurement in the chemical industry.