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Optimizing Catalysts for the Downstream Petroleum Industry


Understanding solid surfaces and pore structure

Added value in the petroleum industry comes in part from cracking high molecular weight hydrocarbons into gasoline and other light fractions, and reforming that gasoline to increase its octane number. This webinar will feature two catalysts used in these processes and focus on laboratory methods for their characterization.  Zeolite, a microporous aluminosilicate, is the primary material in fluid catalytic cracking and its important physicochemical properties include surface area, micropore size, and surface acidity; methods of determining all three will be presented. Platinum reforming, or platforming, typically employs a catalyst of platinum supported on alumina; alternative techniques for quantifying accessible metal area and dispersion will be compared and contrasted.





Date: 2019-05-15, 13:30 - 14:15 (EDT UTC-04)
Language: English
Trainer: Dr. Martin Thomas

Contact person and registration:
Maritza Roman
Tel.: +1 561 731 4999 125