Anton Paar eAcademy: Microwave-assisted Digestion using Multiwave 5000


Acid digestion is one of the most important sample preparation techniques. Comparing to conventional wet-chemical sample preparation technique that takes time and lack of safety, the technology of using microwave power as heating source  and concept of pressurized digestion, the sample preparation process offers higher digestion temperature in short time with no compromisation in analytical data.


Multiwave 5000 is a single microwave system with endless possibilities that suits the needs of customer’s necessity in acid digestion and solvent extraction. It is a perfect workhorse that can serve lab users from industrial QC & R&D and testing laboratories in sample preparation processes with the latest state-of-the-art technology, utmost safety and ease of use.


Target group:

Sample Preparation users and existing microwave digestor system that want to learn on:

  • Fundamental of sample preparation using microwave digestion system
  • Latest SVT vessel with SmartVent technology
  • Technique and tips to perform acid digestion for good analytical results
  • Application examples of challenging microwave digestion for polymer, petroleum products, batteries & pharma products
  • Application examples of high-throughput microwave digestion for food & organic matrices
  • Extended microwave-assisted solvent extraction capability (MAE method)
  • Understand the dos and don't during using microwave digestor

*e-Certificates will be given to webinar participants who complete the whole session.

Date: 2021-01-13, 10:00 - 11:15 (UTC+08:00)
Language: English
Trainer: Nigel Foong

Mr. Nigel Foong joined Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman as Assistant Laboratory Manager for 3 years. He served in laboratory management and look over analytical instruments of material characterization in spectroscopy (FT-IR,UV-Vis, Polarimeter, Fluorescence, AAS),thermal analyser (TGA, DSC) and X-ray Diffractometer (XRD).

With his varied experience in materials characterization, Nigel is currently with Anton Paar as the Application Specialist supporting customers in rheology and particle characterization.