Automotive Tribology: From Lubes and Greases to Clutches and Brakes


Lubricants used in the automotive industry contain different additives which are expected to offer distinct characteristics to the lube such as anti-wear protection, friction reduction, anti-oxidation properties, etc. This webinar focuses on investigating the effects of additives on the tribological performance of lubricants and greases. It also covers certain basics of Tribology and includes case studies from real-life samples.

Key Takeaways:

- Basics of Trioblogy: Definition, Instrumentation, Test Methodologies, etc.
- Introduction to extended stribeck curves
- Effect of additives, contamination, and other factors on engine oils
- Practical examples from real-life samples

Language: English
Trainer: Dr. Kartik Pondicherry
Kartik Pondicherry

Dr. Kartik Pondicherry has a Doctorate in Tribology from the University of Leoben in Leoben, Austria. With over a decade of experience in the field of tribology, Dr. Pondicherry managed the global tribology portfolio at Anton Paar in Graz, Austria until the end of 2019. He later moved to India and started as a Technical Manager for Rheology at Anton Paar India. Over the past years, Dr. Pondicherry has conducted numerous seminars and trainings for people from both academia and industry across the globe. 


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