Anton Paar eAcademy: Rheology of Paint and Coating


Paints and coatings are used for a variety of purposes. Besides protecting surfaces against various environmental influences, they are used to decorate both interiors and exteriors, or for enhancing functions. From production to end use application, raw materials such as binders, solvents, pigments, fillers, and additives should remain uniformly mixed. In addition, they need to remain stable during pumping processes and storage, as well as after application with brushes, rollers, spray guns, etc.


Target group: 

People who want to enhance their knowledge about measuring paints and coatings and want to take advantage of the full range of possibilities a rheometer offers (rotation and oscillation).

  • Rheology of paints and coatings - theory
  • Discussion of applicative questions
  • Evaluation methods & diagrams (yield point, thixotropy, sagging, etc.)
  • Setting up a customer-specific measuring routine, measurements and analysis in small groups
  • Discussion of the findings (measurement and report)

Language: English
Trainer: Nigel Foong
Nigel Foong

Mr. Nigel Foong joined Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman as Assistant Laboratory Manager for 3 years. He served in laboratory management and look over analytical instruments of material characterization in spectroscopy (FT-IR,UV-Vis, Polarimeter, Fluorescence, AAS),thermal analyser (TGA, DSC) and X-ray Diffractometer (XRD).

With his varied experience in materials characterization, Nigel is currently with Anton Paar as the Application Specialist supporting customers in rheology and particle characterization.