Tips and Tricks for SVM


The aim of the workshop is to provide you with essential knowledge for good viscosity measurement. This training will help you to understand the safety practices associated with the use of the kinematic viscometers like SVM series and their samples. Further, ‘Expect More’ with the new SVM series which gives you more parameters than any other kinematic viscometer on the market.


Date: 2020-04-03 , 10:00 - 17:00 (IST UTC+05:30)
Venue: Mumbai, India, Anton Paar India's Application Lab Mumbai
Language: English
Organizer: Anton Paar India
Trainer: Mr Ranju Nair
Costs: Free of cost
End of registration: 2020-04-02

Contact person and registration:
Mr. Ranju Nair
Tel.: 91 - 9004248222[at]