Seminar on tribology, scratch testing, hardness testing and atomic force microscopy

Seminar on tribology, scratch testing, hardness testing and atomic force microscopy


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Applying to all safety regulations which are set by the BAG is the most important duty during this pandemic. By fulfilling all safety regulations such as keeping the distances, offering masks and hand disinfectants, keeping good ventilation and limiting the participants to a minimum we ensure safe conditions in accordance to all safety regulations.

We have organized a seminar on different topics such as tribology, scratch testing, hardness testing and atomic force microscopy. The seminar is going to be held in the seminar rooms at Anton Paar TriTec SA where also most of the demonstrated instruments are developed and produced. 


Content of the seminar

09:00-09:15 h

Welcome Round

09:15-10:15 h

Theory on Tribology

10:15-10:30 h

Coffee Break

10:30-11:30 h

Theory on Scratch Testing

11:30-12:30 h

Theory on Hardness Testing

12:30-13:30 h


13:30-14:30 h

Theory on Atomic Force Microscopy

14:30-16:30 h

Practical part:


Tribology, Scratch Testing, Hardness Testing and Atomic Force Microscope


Each participant will get a certificate confirming the completion of the seminar. 

We are looking forward in meeting you at our seminar together we can exchange and discuss topics as well experiences. Of course you’re invited to share this information with your colleagues. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us we are always pleased to help you on the phone.


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Anton Paar Switzerland

Target group: All people that are interested into this special field
Prerequisites: none

Date: 2020-11-26 , 09:00 - 16:30 (CET UTC+01)
Venue: Corcelles-Cormondrèche, Schweiz, Anton Paar TriTec SA Corcelles-Cormondrèche
Language: English
Number of participants: 12
Organizer: Anton Paar Switzerland AG
Trainer: Keyvan Ghanaviztchi, Bin Zhang
Costs: 100
End of registration: 2020-11-18

Contact person and registration:
Nicole Thill
Tel.: +41 (0)62 745 16 80