Accelerate your Research by Understanding Particle Behaviours


About this seminar:

This seminar is aimed on the various particle characterization tools to enhance the understanding of particle behavior. Furthermore, it will provide an in depth view on the importance of these tools in order to accelerate in field of research and development

Who should attend:

This seminar will prove useful to people who are working in the research and development division like university professors, researchers etc.  





Date: 2019-08-22 , 09:30 - 17:00
Venue: Dubai, الإمارات العربيّة المتّحدة, Anton Paar Middle East Technical Centre Dubai
Language: English
Organizer: Anton Paar Middle East Technical Centre
Trainer: Dr. Ornov Maulik
Costs: Free of cost
End of registration: 2019-08-21

Contact person and registration:
Dr. Ornov Maulik
Tel.: +971- 056 - 532 - 1101