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Asphalt and bitumen testing

Using analytical instruments at key points in asphalt and bitumen quality testing helps increase productivity and maximize returns.

Analysis of asphalt and bitumen and their additives at the refinery ensures that they meet the specifications. Anton Paar’s measuring instruments and dedicated asphalt testing solutions deliver valuable insights into material properties which affect processing of your asphalt and bitumen, such as long-term stability and consistency, as well as behavior in storage and during transportation. The right measuring instruments optimize your products so they withstand all environmental conditions.

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9 instruments measuring up to 20 parameters in compliance with 36 standards

Anton Paar offers the perfect combination of instruments for your refinery, your testing lab, or your research work. Compliance with 36 standards and great robustness of the instruments make our portfolio ideal for use in asphalt production and the production of roofing and insulation materials. Benefit from our global sales and service network. Our experienced employees are ready to answer your questions, help with new applications, and guarantee the highest quality throughout your instruments’ lifespan.

Bitumen/Asphalt and Rheometry

Rheological asphalt and bitumen testing is one of Anton Paar’s specialties. Anton Paar offers different instruments for this field of application. RheolabQC, for example, is a very robust and reliable rotational rheometer. With RheolabQC the determination of the rotational viscosity of bitumen and asphalt products according to ASTM D4402, AASTO T316 and (DIN) EN 11302 at elevated temperatures (up to 180 °C maximum) can be performed easily. The renowned SmartPave dynamic shear rheometers are based on the latest MCR rheometer technology which incorporates innovative features like Toolmaster™, a Peltier temperature device for dry sample heating, and step-by-step instructions for measuring procedures according to AASHTO T315, AASHTO T316, AASHTO T350, AASHTO TP101, ASTM D7175, ASTM D7405, ASTM D4402, DIN EN 13302, DIN EN 14770. Other rheological properties determined using MCR rheometers from Anton Paar provide the possibility to expand the scope for research and development.

Bitumen/Asphalt and Density

Anton Paar offers an alternative to the commonly used pycnometers (ASTM D 70 or EN 15326) and hydrometers (ASTM D3142) for asphalt and bitumen testing.

Pioneer in Bitumen/Asphalt Automation and Standardization

The automatic Fraass Breaking Point Tester (1985) and the penetrometer with automatic surface detection (2012) were unique developments created by Anton Paar due to the rising demand of automation. These instruments are the key tools for asphalt testing in laboratories worldwide for both ASTM and AASHTO. Another technique that was the first of its kind developed by Anton Paar in 1991 was implemented in the Force Ductility Meter.

Software for bitumen and asphalt testing

The flexible RheoCompass™ user software enables work beyond standards as well as allowing you to create your own measuring procedures. Use this possibility when developing new methods for bitumen blends, new products, or to investigate bitumen failures. The flexibility of the software allows modifications of standardized procedures of ASTM and AASHTO methods. In connection with the BPACon software the BPA 5 breaking point tester serves as a research tool for different coatings. In addition, the DDACon software for DDA 3 is a valuable tool for the development of bituminous products.


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