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Foam testing Pycnometer:

  • True density analysis of powders, bulk solids, and foams
  • Built-in test methods and calculations of ASTM D6226 to describe open-cell content of foams
  • Measure up to 5 samples simultaneously
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The five-station PentaFoam pycnometer employs gas pycnometry to measure and calculate the open- and closed-cell content, compressibility, and cell fracture of foam samples. Using gas pycnometry instead of other methods ensures compliance with relevant international standards. The PentaFoam pycnometers, in particular, stand out with built-in calculations and standard test methods as well as clear user guidance in the software, thereby guaranteeing compliant settings and measurements.

Technical specifications

PentaFoam 5200e
Sample cell volume Accuracy Repeatability
135 cm³ <±0.02 % <±0.01 %
50 cm³ <±0.03 % <±0.015 %
10 cm³ <±0.2 % <±0.1 %

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