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Synthesis Reactor - Monowave 50

Simplify Synthesis

Monowave 50 even fits into a crowded lab. High level organic synthesis is performed simply with the reactor, a vial and a silicone cap. Ideal for educational purposes, Monowave 50's safety standards ensure the safest handling even with inexperienced students. You save money, time and space as Monowave 50 provides the best combination of price and quality.

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Key Features



  • “Plug and play” reactor
  • All you need is Monowave 50, 1 vial and 1 cap
  • Integrated capacitive touchscreen
  • Easy cleaning & minimized customer maintenance
Compact and modern design

Compact and modern design

  • Small footprint (25 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm)
  • Lightweight (8.5 kg)
Serving your needs

Serving your needs

  • Fast synthesis reactions in closed vials
  • 315 W stainless steel heating jacket
  • Integrated temperature and pressure control
Safe savings

Safe savings

  • The best combination of price and quality
  • Reusable vials with caps
  • Short experiment times
  • Anton Paar’s high safety standards
Do green chemistry!

Do green chemistry!

  • Integrated cooling system. No need for cooling water
  • Minimized solvent use
  • Energy savings due to short reaction times
  • Each chemist should have the modern and easy handling Monowave 50 reactor in the laboratory.

    Mr. Prof. Thierry Besson, University of Rouen, France

  • Sealed tube chemistry has never been easier and safer than with this device.

    Mr. Prof. Dr. C. Oliver Kappe, University of Graz, Austria

Technical Specifications

Max. filling volume6 mL
Max. operation pressure20 bar (290 psi)
Max. temperature250 °C
Max. power315 W
Vial materialBorosilicate glass
Cap materialSilicone
Seal materialPTFE

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