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Modular Sample Processor


Saves you 3000 manual steps every day

The Modular Sample Processor facilitates automated sample preparation steps prior to analysis.
Tedious manual tasks like pipetting, sampling, dosing and weighing can be easily automated for a wide volume range and many different sample types. This results in the right volume, concentration and blend.
The Modular Sample Processor can be used for liquids and solids as a benchtop unit or integrated into complete automation solutions.

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Key Features

Gravimetric sampling

Gravimetrically controlled pipetting for subsamples, dilutions and blends with a high-precision weighing unit guarantees the correct volumes of the resulting samples.The complete workflow is software-controlled and the gravimetrically determined final volumes of the subsamples represent the incoming value of the subsequent analysis.


Fast and accurate for highly viscous samples

The standard configuration of the Modular Sample Processor is able to handle viscosities up to 1000  mPas. The capacity for higher viscosities is available and can be integrated on demand.



Based on the system’s modular concept you can flexibly assemble your laboratory workflow to integrate the Modular Sample Processor either as

  • a stand-alone benchtop unit for sample preparation,
  • a benchtop unit connected directly to an analytical instrument, which is equipped with a flow cell (e.g. Anton Paar analytical instruments),
  • a benchtop unit assembled with additional automation modules suitable for your laboratory workflow or
  • an integrated part of a complete automation solution in accordance with your particular needs.


The samples are fully traceable over the whole sample preparation workflow by the integrated bar code reader. You always know the origin of the subsample for subsequent analytical measurements as well as all steps performed on the subsample.