Petrochemicals - Viscosity Measurement of Asphalt Binder and Bitumen with RheolabQC

The RheolabQC with the unique air-cooled Peltier temperature device C-PTD 180/AIR/QC is perfectly suited to determine the apparent viscosity of asphalt binders, bitumen and asphalts according to ASTM D4402, AASHTO T316 and DIN EN 13302 up to +180 °C

How RheolabQC helps in the quality control of bitumen and asphalt

Knowledge of the viscosity of asphalt, asphalt binders, bitumen and bituminous binders at manufacturing and construction temperatures is very important as this will give information about: 

  • Pumpability
    The ability to be pumped between for example storage containers or tanks and the manufacturing plant.
  • Mixability
    The ability to be properly mixed with additives, fillers and other components during the manufacturing process.
  • Workability
    The ability of the resultant Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) to be placed and compacted with reasonable effort.

The standards ASTM D4402, AASHTO T316 and DIN EN 13302 describe the procedure for measuring the apparent shear viscosity of asphalt, bitumen and their binders at elevated temperatures using a rotational rheometer equipped with a temperature device for maintaining the test temperature. The RheolabQC equipped with the Peltier temperature device is ideally suited for such measurements and measures asphalt binders and bitumen  up to a temperature of +180 °C. 

The Anton Paar Rotational Rheometer RheolabQC 

RheolabQC is a rotational rheometer designed especially for the quality control, featuring a high precision encoder and a highly dynamic EC motor.  

  • You can choose between operating the rheometer stand-alone or software-controlled with RheoCompass™, a modern and highly intuitive rheometer software that includes templates for asphalt testing.
  • Measurements with concentric cylinder measuring systems according to ISO 3219 and DIN 53019.
  • To keep cleaning to a minimum, disposable aluminum measuring cups can be used. This means the measuring cup no longer requires cleaning and furthermore pre-heating of the sample in an oven is easily possible. High sample throughput with minimum required cleaning is guaranteed.

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Good to know

A typical rotational test for asphalt with RheolabQC is performed at constant speed and temperature over a certain time. The example shows a measurement at T = +135 °C and speed = 20 rpm.



The obtained results show the time dependent viscosity values at one certain speed and temperature. In this example the asphalt binder has an apparent shear viscosity of 0.4 Pa.s.


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Other relevant instruments

Anton Paar rheometers from the MCR series are also often used for the characterisation of asphalt.