Backstage: Quality Management & Compliance

"Exciting, exhausting, often confrontational, and sometimes really hard – it’s exactly what I love."

Elisabeth, Business Area Manager Quality & Management Systems | Anton Paar GmbH

When I came to Anton Paar in 2015, I realized that what was ahead of me was unlike anything I had ever experienced during my many years as a quality manager: At Anton Paar quality is not just a set phrase but a core value that is practiced and understood by everyone.

With this corporate philosophy it is possible to realize required measures to improve and maintain quality without detours and resistance. Anyone who has experience in the field of quality knows to appreciate these conditions. It’s the mindset of “taking on tasks together” instead of “discussing them infinitely” that motivates and gives me a sense of achievement in my work.

Even though everyone works together to achieve high quality, it’s not self-propelling. And this is what my job aims at: identifying, articulating, understanding causes, monitoring improvements, checking, and digging deeper. These tasks require a technical understanding and knowledge of processes but most of all curiosity, persistence, and empathy for our customers. The entire quality team sees itself as the “customer’s advocate” and wants to supply the customer with the best results.

Although we all understand that everyone is responsible for the highest quality with their individual contributions, things don’t run smoothly all the time. A hard, fact-based discussion serving the goal of ensuring high quality has to be possible. These discussions are not always easy but they make up an essential part of our jobs in this field. I personally like this part because I love being challenged.

My job is especially exciting because I get to be in touch with an incredible number of people around the globe. Since the quality team is also responsible for all production sites of the company, which are located in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and the USA, I am not only challenged linguistically but also culturally. My job enables me to visit our locations abroad, which brings a lot of variety into my everyday work.

It feels like the company and my job were tailor-made for me because I get to work on very diverse and sometimes completely unfamiliar tasks and get to learn constantly while working internationally. In order to do a good job, I need both a great team and colleagues who follow the quality path consistently and also trust from the company that I can get things going the right way. I find all of this here.