Backstage: Hardware Development

„This is a great place for professional and personal growth as you face new challenges every day.“

Monica, Project Manager R&D | Anton Paar QuantaTec Inc.

At Anton Paar QuantaTec, we produce analytical laboratory instruments for material characterization. Our instrumentation is used in leading industrial and research laboratories for the analysis of powders’ and porous materials’ surface area, density, pore size, and specific gas and vapor interactions. In order to have very precise measurement instruments our design, quality, and accuracy of components and complex modules are very critical.

I started my journey with Anton Paar QuantaTec in 2017 as an electrical engineer and have learned the product development process throughout various projects. At Anton Paar, a hardware development engineer’s main objective is to design, test, and develop new products, implement improvements to existing products, as well as provide support for customer, manufacturing, and service needs while maintaining ISO documentation. The engineer is responsible for the timely delivery and high quality of the products.

Some key factors for hardware development success are clear design processes, working in highly creative teams, trying to optimize development speed, and using tools and techniques that help you in hardware development to have the best quality products.

In hardware development no day is ever the same and, for me, it is this diversity that makes working at Anton Paar really enjoyable. I’m surrounded by a diverse team – all intelligent and diligent people – and we are all working extremely hard to ensure the successful and timely completion of projects. I’m very grateful for the opportunity Anton Paar has given me to discover my hidden skills and gain experience in this field and I’m looking forward to my future at the company.