Instrumented Indentation Tester

Instrumented Indentation Hardness Tester

The widest range of high-precision indentation hardness testing

With Anton Paar’s versatile indentation hardness testers you can precisely determine the mechanical properties of thin films, coatings, or substrates such as elastic modulus and conduct hardness tests. The instruments handle almost any type of material, whether soft, hard, brittle, or ductile. Apart from hardness testing, you can also conduct creep, fatigue, and stress-strain studies on surfaces in the nanometer range.

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Large range of forces: from nano- to macro-indentation

Anton Paar's instrumented indentation hardness testers employ a wide range of forces and thus represent the most versatile and applicable solutions on the market. Covering material hardness tests in the nano, micro and macro-range, the instruments can test countless materials, including metals, ceramics, semiconductors and polymers.

Determine hardness and other mechanical properties of your materials

The measurements enable you to determine a material's mechanical properties, by for instance conducting hardness tests and measuring elastic modulus and creep. During an indentation hardness test, the force and depth are continuously monitored and you are provided with a curve of force vs. depth on the instruments' display.

Direct measurements of Hardness and Elastic Modulus

In contrast to conventional micro-hardness testers, Anton Paar’s MHT³ not only measures a material’s hardness but also determines its elastic modulus based on the high-precision technique of Instrumented Indentation Testing (IIT). UNHT³ HTV is a low-load nanomechanical test system used for elastic modulus and hardness measurements of thin films and coatings up to 800 °C. The user-friendly and versatile NHT3 is designed to provide low loads with depth measurements on the nanometer scale. It investigates elastic modulus and creep, and enables hardness measurements.

Unique top-surface referencing technique

The design feature that truly sets Anton Paar's testing methods apart from other comparable material hardness test instruments is its unique surface referencing system. The design of our instruments incorporates a top surface reference that encompasses the indenter and provides a constant reference for the amount of penetration.

High frame stiffness

Thanks to Anton Paar's unique surface referencing system, the frame distance of the testers is reduced to a minimal value, subsequently providing a high frame stiffness that directly leads to highly accurate measurement results.