Anton Paar welcomes 40 refugees

2015-10-02 | Corporate

"come in". As a matter of course. Discussion is not enough.

Anton Paar says "come in" to unaccompanied underage refugees and provides a house for them at the company's headquarters in Graz-Straßgang. The company "alpha nova" will provide support for the young people, who are predominantly fleeing from Syria and Afghanistan without parents or other family members. "alpha nova" will run the refugee shelter at Anton Paar.

"The extent of the misery and hopelessness which we see right on our doorstep has affected us deeply. We do not want to just take part in discussions but help - specifically and quickly. That's why we are saying "come in" and "welcome" to 40 young people who have come to Austria alone and are applying for asylum here," explains Maria Santner, authorized signatory at Anton Paar GmbH and a representative of the owners.

The high-tech company with its headquarters in Graz-Straßgang develops, produces and sells high-precision measuring instruments and is well-known for its innovative solutions. This includes measuring solutions for customers as well as social commitment.

As just one example: due to the increasing need for childcare, the company's own kindergarten and nursery is being expanded to care for up to 78 kindergarten children, twice as many as currently possible. The current situation with refugees has spurred the measuring technology company into action.

"Due to the great work of our employees we have had a good business year. That makes it possible to expand the premises in Graz and create additional workplaces - and also make a further contribution to our society. The subject of underage and unaccompanied refugees represents a great challenge and requires action. These are people with names and faces and we don't want to just sit back and watch while this humanitarian catastrophe unfolds," explains Friedrich Santner, CEO of Anton Paar GmbH.

Having shelter and the essentials to survive are basic human rights. Providing refugees with these basics is a first necessary step. The defined legal daily allowance per refugee allows only the most basic of provision but this is not enough.

In this project, Anton Paar covers all the costs for the house, which will be called "come in", and allows "alpha nova" to work there rent-free. The money that "alpha nova" saves due to this will be used to look after the refugees properly.

These unaccompanied underage refugees will be looked after 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The "come in" team from "alpha nova" will organize German courses and free time activities. It will actively help the refugees to adapt to the new surroundings, introduce them to our culture and show them how to look after themselves independently. Talks have been held with nearby schools. There will be psychological support to help the children and youngsters process the traumatic experiences of war and their journey to Europe as well as the months of separation from parents and family.

"We will try to provide the children and youngsters with an environment in which they feel safe. We want to give them skills which they can use in the future and help them lead a self-determined and independent life. "come in" is a project which will hopefully have many successors," wishes the house manager of "come in", Andrea Prieschl from "alpha nova".


For Anton Paar, its employees and the realization of social responsibility are just as important as customer satisfaction. The excellent partnership with "alpha nova" already has a 12-year history. "alpha nova" runs a work integration project at Anton Paar, currently for seven handicapped people.

"alpha nova Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H." is a social service company. It has been accompanying people in Graz, the areas surrounding Graz, Deutschlandsberg, Leibnitz and other parts of Styria since 1992. The employees of "alpha nova" support people in every phase of their life and in all areas of life.

"alpha nova" employs over 360 people who work daily at 13 locations to provide many different services. The organization is managed professionally and economically. However, as a charitable company it does not measure its success in profit. At "alpha nova" the customers profit from the work and this makes them stronger and more self-confident.


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