15,000 euros for Lerncafé Gries powered by Anton Paar

2022-12-06 | Corporate

Generous donation from Anton Paar enables children and young people from disadvantaged families to receive free tutoring and after-school care.

Since 2019, Anton Paar has been supporting Lerncafé Gries of the charitable organization CARITAS in Graz with 15,000 euros annually. Every day, up to 26 children and teenager between the ages of six and 15 receive free homework and learning support there.

Education as an investment in the future
For Dr. Friedrich Santner, supporting children and young people from socially disadvantaged families is an affair of the heart: "Enabling girls and boys to receive education means shaping the future of our society. Out of this responsibility, we are glad that such institutions as the Lerncafé of Caritas exist and that we are able to support them."

Education of school and heart
The focus at the Lerncafé is on completing homework and studying for tests and schoolwork, but various activities also take place apart from the daily school routine – there is crafting, painting or playing. The children and teenagers learn to trust in their own abilities, which increases their enjoyment of learning. They acquire social skills and receive support in their personal development. Diversity with different cultures and religions is lived in appreciative interaction with one another.

Place to learn and live
Lerncafé Gries is a place for learning and living, where young people from precarious life situations are given a perspective. Eva Hödl, the director of the Styrian Lerncafés, is grateful for the trust and generous support: "We see ourselves as reference persons in all questions of life. Of course, school aspects are the main focus, but the last few years have shown that this is only possible if the social and emotional needs of the children are also perceived and find an appropriate space. On behalf of all the children and our team, I would like to say thank you for the generous support. This valuable contribution enables us to continue our work – our mission of imparting knowledge and education to young people."