Can’t Etch This! Accurate Inline Process Concentration of Corrosive Acids

Relevant for acids, batteries, desiccants, dyes, explosives, fabrics, fertilizer, insecticides, picklingbBaths, plastics, plating baths, propellants, surfactants, titanium oxide, wood preservatives, and many more

Density and Sound Velocity: Best for Quick, Safe and Accurate Acid Concentration

Whether making batteries, fabrics, explosives, propellants, or pickling metals, corrosive acids are used throughout many industries. Accurate concentration measurement of highly corrosive acids is always difficult, oftentimes dangerous and sometimes impossible, unless you have the right instrument for the job.

Plating and Pickling Baths

Electrify production! Accurate plating and pickling bath concentration ensures proper layer thickness or removal and saves time and resources. Anton Paar’s various acid monitors measure all kinds of solutions and increase quality and revenue while simultaneously lowering operating costs.

Explosives and Propellants

Prevent exploding costs! High accuracy acid concentration measurement propels quality and stability to new heights and demolishes operating costs. Product stability is ensured.


Harvest production savings! Improved accuracy across the entire range of sulfates and nitrates saves resources and increases production, quality and revenue.


  • Increase quality, production, and revenue
  • High cost savings through more efficient use of resources
  • Typical life cycle of 170,000+ hours
  • Continuous, real time data recording
  • Atuomatic temperature compensation
  • Simple to install and maintenance free

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Process Acid Monitoring:


Concentr. range (aqueous solution):
   HCI: 0-35 %; HNO3: 0-65%;
   H3PO4: 0-100 %; H2SO4: 0-110 °C
Accuracy: ±0.05 % to 0.17 %*
Temp. range HCI + H2SO4: 0-100 °C
Temp. range HNO3 and H2SO4: 0-60°C

*) depending on configuration and range

Other relevant instruments

Laboratory instruments:




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