• The all-purpose calibration unit enables checks and calibrations of all types of temperature sensors used in Multiwave PRO and Multiwave ECO. Calibration of the temperature sensors using the calibration unit maintains the accuracy of the temperature measurement in order to comply with GLP and to extend the lifetime of the reaction vessels.
  • The T-probe is an immersing sensor for accurate temperature measurement and temperature control inside the reaction vessel of Rotor 8NXF100 and Rotor 8NXQ80 for Multiwave PRO.
  • The temperature probe, protected by a stable and resistant sapphire tube, performs accurate measurements in the solution, while the pressure measuring cell is not in contact with the sample. Both pressure and temperature data are transferred to the oven via infrared signal.


通用校準裝置可對用於 Multiwave PRO 和 Multiwave ECO 的所有類型的溫度傳感器進行檢查和校準。利用校準裝置對溫度傳感器進行校準可保持溫度測量的精度,以便符合 GLP 並延長反應容器的使用壽命。軟體支持校準功能,易於操作



  • 對所有溫度傳感器進行有軟體支持的檢查和校準
  • 在 20 分鐘之內即可完成傳感器精度的檢查和校準
  • 校準數據將自動儲存於 Multiwave PRO 和 Multiwave ECO 的感測器資料庫中


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