Application RapidOxy: Stability of Fragrance Ingredients

Aldehydes are air-sensitive materials often found in fragrance compositions.

In the presence of oxygen, aldehydes can undergo auto-oxidative decomposition. This degradation process can result in discoloration, viscosity changes, malodor and decreased efficacy of a fragrance composition. To prevent such undesirable effects, aldehydes need to be protected against autoxidation

Alternative to Traditional Stability Test Methods

The rapid small scale tester, RapidOxy, is a fast, safe and user friendly alternative to traditional stability test methods. The instrument measures the induction period, which can be used as an indication of the oxidation and storage stability. Compared to other oxidation and storage stability test methods, the RapidOxy procedure requires only a small sample to give exact test results in a short period of time.

Quick Preparation and Easy Handling

All it takes on preparation is to fill in the sample, tighten the screw cap and close the instrument. The test chamber is automatically charged with oxygen pressure and heated until it reaches the test temperature of the user-defined program. Now the pressure is monitored until a pressure drop of 50 % from pmax is detected.

Fig. 1: Display of test progress

Antioxidants Screening

The following graphic shows the oxidation profiles of two ingredients with and without antioxidant.

Fig. 2: Results for antioxidants screening

A GC-MS analysis was run to quantify the aldehyde and the acid left after oxidation in each tested sample.

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