Structure and Surface Characterization with Anton Paar's Tosca AFM


Anton Paar's Tosca line of atomic force microscopes has expanded with the new Tosca 200, joining the 2017 debut of the Tosca 400. This webinar will discuss how you can use these tools and the powerful Tosca Analysis software to analyze the surface structure and properties of your materials and illustrate the benefits of a fast, modern AFM.

Tarih: 2019-05-30, 14:00 - 14:30 (EDT UTC−04)
Dil: English
Eğitmen: Warren Denning

Warren Denning is a Product Specialist for the indentation / scratch / tribology and AFM instruments of Anton Paar USA. Warren received his Bachelor's degree in Material Science and Engineering from Virginia Tech. He is responsible for assisting users with questions on theory, instrumentation, and experimental design.

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