“Digitalize your lab” webinar – Series II - Pharma


Learn about how to change from traditional methods to digital measurements in your laboratory to profit from easier and fully compliant, traceable sample handling.

In the webinar you will hear about the solutions Anton Paar offers in the field of density meters, polarimeters and rotational viscometers to simplify your quality control.

The session will cover all instruments, which can be used for daily routine measurements to complex samples like syrups or ointments.

You will understand how the combination of compliance, latest technology and intuitive user interfaces will save you lots of time and money.

Tarih: 2020-02-20, 09:00 - 09:45 (CET UTC+02)
Dil: English
Eğitmen: Dr. Hannes Schleifer

İlgili kişi ve kayıt:
Dr. Hannes Schleifer
Tel.: +43 316 257 - 1185

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