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FTIR analyzer

FTIR analyzer

FTIR analyzer tailored to your wine sample

Anton Paar offers state-of-the-art Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) instrumentation with the possibility of automation and connectivity to other Anton Paar benchmark instruments. It combines FTIR spectroscopy with comprehensive data analysis to provide rapid results and increase efficiency in the laboratory. A high-resolution touchscreen with a user interface inspired by modern smartphones empowers operators to conduct the most intuitive FTIR analysis available on the market. FTIR specialists are ready to support your spectroscopy applications and a worldwide service network makes sure that your instrument is always in perfect condition.

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Intuitive software enables easy operation

Your FTIR analyzer comes with everything necessary to be fully operational right away: a built-in 10-inch high-resolution touchscreen, ready-to-use software, and pre-installed calibrations. Obtain a multitude of sample-specific parameters at the push of a button and integrated automatic data analysis. The intuitive interface ensures effortless setup of measurement routines and smooth operation for day-to-day analyses. 

Innovative cell and rugged spectrometer setup

Temperature, humidity, and external vibrations have strong influences on FTIR spectroscopy. An optimized environment for optical components eliminates these influences: uniquely designed, precisely temperature-controlled measurement cells are surrounded by a hermetically sealed FTIR spectrometer core. This instrument setup guarantees standardized measurement conditions unaffected by fluctuations in environmental temperature or humidity, and ensures reliable and reproducible measurement quality.

Expandable to create powerful measurement systems for your industry

Create a powerful all-in-one system specific to your industry. FTIR analyzers can be integrated into beverage analysis systems and connected to the DMA M density meters. Reduce your workload by cutting down on sample preparation and filling times. Due to simultaneous measurement of all connected instruments a multitude of parameters are acquired within minimal measurement time. One final report containing all parameters measured in any of the measurement units in your measurement system can be printed directly from the instrument or exported to your laboratory management system.

Increased productivity through automation

FTIR analyzers will help you to save time in the lab. Measurements are done in less than one minute, already including data analysis. Combined with an Xsample sample changer, up to 24 samples are filled and measured automatically. This makes FTIR analyzers from Anton Paar the most economic option for automated Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopic analysis.

Application support for your industry-specific requests

Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy is used for a plethora of applications in various industries. Our dedicated support team responds quickly and ensures your FTIR analyzer is working perfectly at all times.  Anton Paar’s FTIR specialists handle sophisticated application requests for every type of industry and provide customers with the latest data analysis methods for their sample type.