Backstage: Expatriace

"I love to learn new things, face big challenges, and live in unfamiliar countries."

Matthias, Expatriate | Anton Paar Korea Ltd.

After graduating from university I started working at Anton Paar as a management trainee. Usually these trainee spots run for two years. However, I had the opportunity to work in a Sales office in Asia after a little over a year.

The tasks of an expat range from logistics, finance management, and controlling to strategic management tasks. In order to be fully prepared for these diverse tasks at Anton Paar you first have to complete an intensive training course that covers our processes, products, and corporate strategies. The key to working abroad, however, is to always stay flexible.

Our Sales and Service subsidiaries around the world sell, maintain, and repair our instruments, and apply our marketing and sales strategies. The applications and requirements of our customers are just as diverse as the product portfolio of Anton Paar.

The tasks of an expat can range from supporting local colleagues in the communication with our product managers to having sales talks with customers in the area. This is an aspect that I really like about my job. I work with different people every day. These include my local colleagues and customers but also our international team in the technical centers and at production sites all over the world.

Of course this also means that I encounter and deal with a broad spectrum of different topics. It is essential to know the national import and export directives very well. Expats also deal with issues in IT, marketing, and human resources. They are directly responsible for their teams, have to know all key financial figures of the subsidiary and report them regularly. And let’s not forget that Anton Paar is continuously developing new products and technologies. Expats are then in charge of positioning these new products on the local markets together with their teams.

Even after moving abroad the learning curve is steep. You have to enjoy learning new things every day, facing huge challenges, and living in unfamiliar places. If that’s true for you, you’re right for this position. All these challenges and the success at the end of the day make my job very enjoyable.