Benefits of a Compact Multi-Laser Raman Spectrometer


When collecting Raman spectra, the presence of fluorescence from the sample matrix or sample itself can be a deterrent to optimum spectrum collection. For this reason, it is advantageous to have a Raman instrument with the ability to quickly change the excitation wavelength to reduce the fluorescence interference. In this webinar, we present a Raman instrument series with a dual wavelength capability that can be used to collect Raman spectra.


Date: 1969-12-31, 20:00 - 20:00 (EST UTC-05:00)
Language: English
Trainer: Richard Larsen

Richard Larsen obtained his Ph.D. in vibrational spectroscopy from the University of South Carolina.  He is the Senior Product Specialist for Raman products at Anton-Paar USA and has worked as a product specialist for FT-IR and Raman instruments at Perkin-Elmer, Mattson, Thermo-Scientific and Jasco .  He has provided applications support for various Raman products for over 20 years and brings this expertise to Anton-Paar for the new Cora series of Raman instruments.  

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