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Inline density meter:
L‑Dens 7000 series

  • Concentration measurement with process density meters
  • Low operating costs: Maintenance-free, no consumables required
  • Easy to integrate with minimal engineering efforts and cost
  • Models available for hazardous areas and hygienic applications
  • Comprehensive database for concentration formulas available
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The L-Dens 7000 series – Anton Paar’s process density sensors with a tube size of 6.3 mm (inner diameter) – is a result of more than 35 years of essential practical experience. This all-in-one solution combines the highest accuracy, compact and robust design, and easy integration, which makes it best-in-class for precise concentration measurement. There are two types: 4-digit accuracy L-Dens 7300 Petro and L-Dens 7400, and 5-digit accuracy L-Dens 7500. Density values are directly calculated by the sensor electronics.

The design of the oscillating U-tube follows the requirements of hygienic applications. The density sensors have one-piece oscillating tubes (L-Dens 7300 Petro and L-Dens 7400: U-shaped tube; L-Dens 7500: W-shaped tube). The L-Dens 7000 series uses digital signal processing and can be equipped with the new Pico 3000 transmitter and Pico 3000 HMI.

Key features

Highest precision – reliable measurement under changing process conditions

Highest precision – reliable measurement under changing process conditions

The L-Dens 7000 density sensor series measures with the highest precision and an outstanding accuracy of up to 5 x 10-5 g/cm³.

The L-Dens 7000 series provides:

  • Powerful digital signal processing
  • Integrated high-precision temperature sensors
  • A hermetically sealed U-tube to withstand humidity condensations

The highest accuracy in temperature and optional pressure measurement is the basis for compensating unstable process conditions. Thus, changing process and environmental conditions have a negligible effect on the measurement. This keeps the production flexible to react to market or consumer demands.

Minimized integration efforts and costs

Minimized integration efforts and costs

The question of where and how an instrument can be integrated into a system is essential with regard to minimizing engineering efforts and costs. Being very compact und modular, sensors of the L-Dens 7000 series can even be mounted in the tightest spaces and meet the most demanding system requirements.
The L-Dens 7000 density sensor series with its wetted parts and adapters is prepared for:

  • The petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, ethanol, or beverage industry
  • Hazardous areas
  • Hygienic applications
  • Withstanding extremely aggressive chemicals
  • Full flow, inline, bypass, or tank installation
The simple operating concept with Pico 3000 saves your time and training expenses

The simple operating concept with Pico 3000 saves your time and training expenses

The new generation of L-Dens 7000 density sensors comes with the new transmitter Pico 3000. You will benefit from the flexibility and modularity with respect to operation and data communication.

  • New Pico 3000 transmitter integrated at the sensor or as a separate remote control unit
  • Human machine interface Pico 3000 HMI
  • Unified electronics housing concept for non-Ex and Ex versions
  • Common industrial fieldbus standards supported: Modbus RTU, HART, PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET IO
  • Backup and restore function
  • Data and error log function
  • USB interface at the electronics housing for configuration with a laptop
Immediate start-up and operation

Immediate start-up and operation

The sensors work without time-consuming commissioning and on-site adjustments. Pre-configured in the factory, they come with the right sensor setup and application formulas.

  • Configured and adjusted in the factory
  • Application formulas integrated
  • Quick start-up and commissioning
Operating costs at a minimum

Operating costs at a minimum

The L-Dens 7000 sensor series does not require any maintenance. You can install the sensor and simply rely on measurements with the highest accuracy for decades.

  • Maintenance-free
  • Stainless steel housing for non-Ex versions
  • No consumables

Technical specifications

L-Dens 7300 Petro L-Dens 7400 L-Dens 7500
Process density max. 1500 kg/m3 max. 3000 kg/m3 max. 2000 kg/m 3
Standard adjustment
600 kg/m3 to 1200 kg/m3
Material of the wetted
Stainless steel 1.4404 (316L) Stainless Steel
1.4404 (316L)
Hastelloy C-276
Incoloy 825
Hastelloy C-276
Accuracy in adjusted range:

Density Measurement

0.2 kg/m3
(2 x 10-4 g/cm3)*

0.5 kg/m3
(5 x 10-4 g/cm3)**

0.1 °C

0.02 kg/m3
(2 x 10-5 g/cm3)*

0.1 kg/m3
(1 x 10-4 g/cm3)**

0.1 °C

0.01 kg/m3
(1 x 10-5 g/cm3)

0.05 kg/m3
(5 x 10-5 g/cm3)

0.1 °C
Process temperature -40°C to 125 °C
CIP/SIP temperature and duration 145 °C for max. 30 min.
Ambient temperature
(for non Ex versions)
-40 °C to 70 °C without Pico 3000

-40 °C to 70 °C* with Pico 3000

-20 °C to 60 °C with Pico 3000 and Pico HMI
  *) Pico 3000 Version PROFINET IO, EtherneNet/IP, Modbus TCP: max. 60 °C
Process pressure absolute max. 50 bar max. 50 bar

High-pressure version
(only available in Hastelloy C-276):
max. 180 bar @ Tprocess ≤ 70 °C,
max. 140 bar @ Tprocess ≤145 °C,
CRN max. 170 bar
max. 50 bar
Recommended flow rate 100 L/h to 500 L/h
Communication Pico 3000:
  • Analog
  • HART
  • Modbus RTU
  • Frequency

mPDS 5:
  • Devicenet
  • Ethernet/IP
  • Modbus TCP
  • I/O Board
Process connections Options for integration:
  • Full flow
  • Bypass
  • Inline

  • DIN/EN
  • ANSI
  • Tri-Clamp
  • Varivent® N

Tube end:
  • OD: 12 mm, OD: 1/4”

  • G 3/8”

Others on request
Non-Ex version (L x W x H)
Ex version (L x W x H)

245 mm x 160 mm x 205 mm

245 mm x 145 mm x 185 mm
245 mm x 160 mm x 205 mm

190 mm x 145 mm x 185 mm
190 mm x 160 mm x 205 mm

Explosion-proof versions according to ATEX / IECEx / FM / UL / CSA
* Tantalum 0.05 kg/m3 (5 x 10-5 g/cm3)
** Tantalum 0.5 kg/m3 (5 x 10-4 g/cm3)

Anton Paar Certified Service

The Anton Paar quality in service and support:
  • More than 350 manufacturer-certified technical experts worldwide
  • Qualified support in your local language
  • Protection for your investment throughout its lifecycle
  • 3-year warranty
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