Application GUM: Quality Control of Lamination Oil

To assure stainless products it is relevant for the aluminum industry to verify if lubricating oil is contaminating their lamination oil.

To Assure the Product Quality

The GUM tester was designed to measure the existent gum content, which is the residue of aircraft fuels, motor gasoline and other volatile distillates in their finished form, which cannot be evaporated.

New Application

For the lamination process of aluminum a dearomatized hydrocarbon product is used. It is very important to know the quality of this lamination oil constantly, because if it is contaminated, stains can appear at the aluminum surface. The main contaminant is the lubricating oil of the lamination machine. This can happen due to technical problems of the machines.

With the GUM tester it is possible to verify if lubricating oil is contaminating the lamination oil.

Fig. 1: GUM tester in test position


The lubricating oil used at the laminar machines has boiling point of 316 °C.
The boiling point of the lamination oil is between 200 °C and 248 °C. Therefore the instrument was set to 234 °C thus it is possible to evaporate the lamination oil and determinate the amount of lubricating oil.

Necessary Accessories

106362 Beaker 100 mL, pack of 10
106488 Tongs
106973 Thermometer ASTM 3C


Results for Arrhenius Tests >

07/07/15 A (g/100 mL) A (mg/100 mL)
Luni 10.3294329
Luni 10.3728373
Luni 20.4978498
Luni 20.4768477

 Results for Arrhenius Tests >

08/07/15 A (g/100 mL) A (mg/100 mL)
Luni 10.3404340
Luni 10.3718372
Luni 20.4864486
Luni 20.4980498

 Results for Arrhenius Tests >

08/07/15 A (g/100 mL) A (mg/100 mL)

We found a very good correlation to the expected amount of contamination of lubricating oil. The lamination machines 707 and 706 presented technical problems so a higher amount of lubricant oil was expected. It is possible to verify a bigger residue of those samples what means that for this application the Gum Tester is an excellent instrument for quality control.

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