Backstage: Expatriation

"You can reach your destination even without orientation"

Ingrid, Expatriate | Anton Paar Korea Ltd.

Even during my studies, my fellow students were amused by my poor sense of direction. Still, this lack of orientation often made me take a step into the unknown, allowing me to explore fascinating places. When I got the chance to move to a subsidiary in Asia as an expat, I was immediately convinced to take this step. 

An expat’s area of responsibility comprises logistics, financial management, controlling, and strategic management tasks. Thanks to an intensive training program covering processes, products, and company strategies, I was perfectly prepared for these challenges. Still, staying flexible is the key factor to success when working abroad.

Our worldwide sales and service subsidiaries distribute, maintain, and repair Anton Paar instruments and implement our international marketing and sales strategies. Our customers’ applications and requirements are as diverse as Anton Paar’s product portfolio.

My tasks as an expat range from supporting local colleagues in their communication with product managers to sales talks with our customers. This is one aspect of my job that I particularly enjoy: working with many different people, from my local colleagues and customers to our international team in the technical centers and producing subsidiaries – as a consequence, this also means having to deal with many different topics. It is important to know exactly the national import and export guidelines while also being responsible for IT, marketing, and human resources. An expat is directly responsible for his or her personnel and is required to know and report the subsidiary’s financials – not to forget that Anton Paar continuously develops new products and technologies which requires their targeted placement on the local market. 

I am constantly motivated to learn new things and to tackle new challenges while living abroad and supporting my local colleagues. Being successful together is what brings me joy every day.