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Sample changer:
Xsample 330

  • The single sample changer for a wide range of samples
  • Prevents sample carry-over with automatic rinsing and drying after each sample
  • Highly resistant wetted parts for handling aggressive samples
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The new industrial grade peristaltic pump in combination with automatic cleaning makes Xsample 330 perfectly suitable for measuring single low-viscosity samples with widely different properties in direct succession. Once measured, the sample is drained or recovered and the system is automatically cleaned with up to two cleaning agents. A drying step is performed by the operator to perfectly prepare the measurement cell(s) for the next sample.

Key features

Automatic cleaning

Automatic cleaning

  • Automatic rinsing and drying after each sample for perfect preparation of the system
  • Up to two different cleaning agents can be used in any order for an individual cleaning procedure.
  • Advanced settings for cleaning procedures to increase measuring performance
For a wide range of samples

For a wide range of samples

  • Filling with peristaltic pump covers a wide range of different sample viscosities up to 3,000 m.Pas
  • All wetted parts of Xsample 330 (high resistance) are made of durable materials for aggressive samples, such as phosphoric acid or trichloroacetic acid
  • Adjustable filling modes for different types of samples enable perfect measuring results
Highly efficient sample handling and easy operation

Highly efficient sample handling and easy operation

  • Depending on the system size, only a minimum amount of sample volume is needed to perform a measurement
  • Easy operation by an integrated user interface on the master instrument
  • Straightforward measurements of different sample viscosities due to a sensor-controlled stop of the filling procedure
  • Automatic sample recovery returns expensive or hazardous samples back to their vials

Technical specifications

Xsample™ 330 (High-resistance)

Viscosity range up to 3,000 mPa•s at ambient and measuring temperature¹
Filling mode with peristaltic pump:
  • Suction mode in one direction
  • Suction mode with pumping back and forth at the beginning
Typical time for filling and measuring cycle 2 to 5 minutes
Minimum sample volume approx. 10 mL to 20 mL
Compressed air supply max. 2 bar (29 psi) relative
Quality of air necessary Class 3 according to ISO 8573-1:
max. particle size: 5 μm
max. pressure dew point: –20 °C (–4 °F)
max. oil content: 1 mg/m³
Environmental conditions (EN 61010) indoor use only
Operating temperature +15 °C to +35 °C (+59 °F to +95 °F)
Pollution degree 2
Over voltage category II
Altitude max. 3,000 m (9,840 ft)
Power supply supplied by the master instrument
AC power supply voltage according to technical data plate at the rear of the master instrument (protective grounding required)
Dimensions excl. master instrument (L x W x H) Xsample™ 330 Xsample™ 330 High-resistance  205 mm x 148 mm x 185 mm
(8.1 in x 5.8 in x 7.3 in)
205 mm x 148 mm x 205 mm
(8.1 in x 5.8 in x 8.1 in)
Weight excl. master instrument
Xsample™ 330
Xsample™ 330 High-resistance
approx. 3.7 kg (8.2 lbs)
approx. 3.8 kg (8.4 lbs)

¹ Recommended for samples with a viscosity up to 500 mPa•s at ambient and measuring temperature. For samples with a viscosity higher than 500 mPa•s at ambient and measuring temperature, bubbles may occur during filling.

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